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Forward 1$t CV from nive

Posted at 15 February 2021 - 4:22 PM by nive_psu [THPSC] in Collaboration Organization & Sign-ups

I'm planning to a new CV called "forward 1$t" I want to do good because it's a "birthday CV" and I want people to join because it's one of the occasions of the year.

Music & Editing

I plan to use artcore music is some 2:40 - 3:00 min and I will try to improve my skill editing



• Clean set up 

• horizontal video 4:3 16:9 are fine

  Use resolution 480p or above

• combo should long 10 - 15 sec


 execution, and presentation are the most important, as well as the overall look of the combo



Dropbox, Gdrive, or any file sharing service and give me the download link, and turn on the download option and submit to me on Twitter (@nive__ps) or instagram (nive_psu) , discord nive#3426

Editor : nive

Deadline : 25/4











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