[B-Side] R1 Groups

September 02 2019 12:43 (GMT+2)

The result of groups drawing of Pen Spinning World Tournament 2019 B-Side 1st round, ordered by the name of each spinner.

Top 4 from each group will advance to the next round.

The video due is September 15th, 2019

The results will be out in September 22nd, 2019

(*) Tan cannot send during the schoolwork.

(**) No video from Dentol, Clive, wstick, and Cladoublev

Current matchups

Current stage: R4 Groups Reveal

Next stage: R5 Video Deadline
November 24th
#2 vs #3
KoVi [JEB]
Ezz [PPP]
Gunter [FPSB]
Plum [KIPS]
#1 vs #4
Allwars [LSPSC]
Neir`da [FPSB]
Haro [JEB]